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Math for Success is a methodology that promotes a connection to daily, real-life math situations.

The goal of this methodology is to encompass all strands, with concepts and skills applied through daily problem solving.

Children learn through the context of problem-solving. I have discovered through experience of using this methodology since 1995, that ALL children learn because of the revisiting of concepts, giving students opportunities to make deep connections. I have also learned that children will master the concepts and skills at their grade level and beyond. They become creative and confident problem solvers.

I have my Masters in Elementary Education, with a focus in Elementary Mathematics, (July, 2010). The literature studied through the Masters program affirmed for me that the research supports Math for Success, which enhances conceptual understanding through the revisiting of concepts, integration of strands and rich problem solving. In 2012, I was awarded the Alberta Education Excellence in Teaching Award.

Of course, I have to teach certain concepts through mini-lessons and students do worksheets to practice concepts, but most concepts are learned through Math for Success methodology.

Math for Success takes the pressure off of planning unit by unit. There's no need to review at the end of a year because you're reviewing and doing daily. I am amazed with how the students have done. Students make huge gains in mathematical ability.

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