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Prime Climb Activity Round 2


  • Extending Students' Understanding

I revisited the colored circles 1 to 20 on Thursday, Dec. 1st. It is most definitely an activity in which rigor is evident, and as teachers , it is crucial we engage our students in activities that require rigor.


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I paired my students and gave each group a hundreds chart to work with. The colored circles were displayed on the Smartboard. The instructions were to color in the numbers 1 to 20 and to review with their partners what patterns and relationships they have identified in the first round, or perhaps they are recognizing new patterns and relationships this second round. As I saw students approaching the number 20 I stopped the class and asked them to use what knowledge they have gained for numbers 1 to 20 and use this understanding to color in the numbers 21 to 30.

As they were working I walked around the classroom listening and talking with the students. What I noticed the most, was that I had many of my students able to identify factors for numbers 21 to 30 but weren’t quite sure how to show the colors connected with the factors. For example for 21 I had 3 or 4 pairs of students color in 3 purple circles. When I asked why, the groups said because you can count by 7 three times. Whereas, they should have colored in a green circle and a purple for 21 to show 3 x 7.

Due to a lack of time, we were only able to discuss their learning for numbers 21 to 24. If you look at the hundreds charts (see pictures above), all students were able to color the number 22 orange to show groups of 2, but there were only a few groups who colored in red to show 11 groups of 2. All my students identified 23 as a prime number and colored it red. Again, for 24, many groups identified 24 as an even number so had colored in an orange circle. There were a couple of groups who colored in green and orange and when asked why, said they knew two, 12’s make 24 so the 12th circle was green and orange. This, I thought, was a deep meaningful connection. I will add, however, they were unsure how many orange circles to color in because 2 is orange and 4 is two orange because 2 x 2 is 4. I did try to extend their thinking by asking is 4 groups of 3 twenty-four, because nobody made the connection that 3 X 4 is not 24 and that 8 groups of 3 is 24. We skip counted by 3’s to 24 to see the 8 groups. I asked so how would we color in the 24th circle? I heard a lot of ‘hmm’s” from my students…so that means we have more work to do with these circles.

They were very engaged for the 20 minutes that we had spent on this and seem determined to figure it out. I collected their hundreds charts and this activity will be continued in the next 2 weeks. I shall keep you posted on my findings.

I am hoping our daily routine with finding factors for our school day number will continue to develop number sense which will benefit students to further make meaningful connections to the colored circles.

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