Bulletin Board Package, Guidebook and Poster

Available in both English and French!
Quality Bulletin Board Package
PLUS the Day by Day Math Guide (when you place your order, we will confirm which Grade level guidebook you require).

PLUS the Poster Package!

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Available in both English and French!
Quality Bulletin Board Package
Value of contents sold separately is over $450.00
(Allow 2 – 4 weeks for production and delivery)
Heavy Cardstock and Thick Lamination

Package Includes:

  • Calendar (approximately 20 x 28″)
  • Today Is, Tomorrow will be, Yesterday was
  • Days of Week, Months of Year, Seasons Tally Sheets
  • Primary Place Value Pocket Chart
  • Division II Place Value Pocket Chart
  • Numbers 0-9 (x5)
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Probability
  • Money/Had/Spent/Change (words)
  • Money – bills and coins (x2 of each sheet)
  • Number Line – 25 to 100
  • Base Ten Blocks – Large cubes (x16), Others (x20)
  • = , ≠ , > , < symbols
  • Teeth and Teeth Lost Graph (x2)
  • Weather Graph (x2)
  • Temperature Graph
  • Thermometer
  • Clock – analog and digital


Teacher Guide

Now Shipping 2nd Edition

Each Day by Day Math Guide is based on 180 instructional days of school and follows the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Elementary Math. There is enough work in one book for two school years. Every lesson provides many different activities for various strands. Recommendations for technology use are also provided.

The purchase of a book entitles one teacher to use the resource for classroom use. Master copies at the back of the book can be photocopied or scanned into pdf format for the exclusive classroom use of that teacher.


Package Includes:

  • Math Journal Prompts
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Lines, Segments, Points
  • Metric Measurements
  • Shapes
  • Solids
  • Angles
  • Geometry