Number Sense Video Package

There are 2 videos in this package:

  1. Number Sense
  2. Math Vocabulary

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What is Number Sense?

In this video you will hear students’ ideas of what number sense is. You will see students’ demonstrate their number sense when adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing as well as working with base ten blocks and money. You will also hear students tell you where math is important in their daily life.
We often ask ourselves what is number sense? Number sense is the ability to work with number flexibly and creatively and I believe in this video 5 of my grade 3 students do exceptionally well at demonstrating their own number sense.

The Importance of Mathematical Vocabulary

Mathematics is a language and it is of the utmost importance our students from the very young age of pre-k and/or kindergarten should be using and learning the language. My 5 grade 3 students share with you many of the mathematical vocabulary words they use daily and they also get in an opportunity in this video to show their understanding of a few vocabulary words using pictures, equations, and/or words.


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