Subitizing with Money Video Package

The three videos showcase the learning involved with subitizing both money and dots. The focus is more with the money (coins). You will see teacher instruction as well as students thinking and understanding. It is incredible the curriculum content that can be learned and/or connected to through subitizing. According to research if teachers spend five minutes a day subitizing,  students number sense is enhanced which contributes to deeper and transfer learning to almost the entire primary curriculum. This of course, impacts the later elementary years.


There are so many ways to use money for subitizing! The videos in this package are packed full of examples of student learning and productive struggle!

This video sneak peek shows you just some of what you will find in the in depth videos.

There are 3 videos in this package:

  1. Money Subitizing Webinar Recording: 25 minutes
  2. Money Subitizing Extension: 14:31
  3. Subitizing – Money vs Dot Flash: 10:16

These are included in your Math For Success Subscription or you can purchase them outside of the subscription by adding them to your cart.