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Wanted 65


  • Change of pace - be creative

  • Demonstrate understanding of number

Wanted 65 -- A Change of Pace

My mathematics instruction is based on a daily routine which incorporates many number concepts. Although this routine is repetitive, I am mindful of my questioning and of the task which they are expected to engage in. Purposeful questioning as well as variety in the manner in which the tasks are approached will help support student learning and will undoubtedly push their thinking forward.

In my Grade 3 classroom, the daily routine tends to include the following number concepts:

  • Place value (digit and value)
  • Tally marks
  • Even or odd
  • Expanded notation
  • Number word
  • Comparing numbers
  • Representing number differently using base ten blocks
  • Writing number equations
  • Money (value) and its connection to place value
  • Money (value) represented in a hundreds grid and its connection to decimal numbers
  • Divisibility which connects to skip counting, multiplication, division, understanding the patterns and relationships of number within a hundreds chart.

I engage students in so many various tasks to enhance their deep understanding of number concepts so the transfer of learning (connection) is made.

There are times throughout the year where students need a change of pace to show understanding of learning in a creative way. This is what the activity, WANTED 65 is about. I had the students complete this task the week before Christmas holidays when I know their brains just can’t absorb any more.

My students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and as you can see in the pictures, many of the concepts learned through our daily routine were included. I plan to do this activity again sometime between Day 90-100 as I would like to see further understanding in their learning.

I hope you take the time to have your students try this activity and then post a couple of examples onto my website.

Kindergarten and grade 1 students can write a little, but they can also show their understanding with manipulatives.

Your Turn!

Try it with your students

I can’t wait to hear how it goes and for you to ask me any questions that may come up as you work with your students. I will be helping anyone interested in extending their learning about subitizing through videos and webinars in the weeks to come. I also am aware of how precious the time of a teacher is and therefore, I will also have subitizing Smart Board files available for purchasing.

I look forward to hearing how it is going! Leave a comment or question below. 



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