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Wanted 92


  • Surface learning, deep learning, transfer learning

  • Demonstrate understanding of number

Wanted 92 -- Deeper Learning Demonstration

In my WANTED 65  blog, I stated that through our daily math routine we focus on many different number concepts to enhance number sense. Without number sense, students lack the ability to think, reason and problem solve with flexibility

On Monday, February 6th, I had my Grade 3 students engage in this activity for the second time with their Grade 2 buddies. My intent was to identify if my students were developing a deeper understanding of the number concepts we engage in daily. To add, I wanted to see if there was transfer learning occurring since DAY 65 of our school year. Growth should be visible after one month of learning.

You may ask, did I see growth? I did, and of course, not all of my 26 students are at a deeper understanding. But I have to say that many have further developed their number sense.

Here are a few examples of what I heard and saw:

  • I had a student tell me 9 decades and 2 years, and from that, another student built on that student’s thought and said 8 years less than a century.
  • I also had a few others show 92 using various coins other than dimes and pennies.
  • A couple of my students made reference to the number line work we do and said that 92 comes to the left of 93 but to the right of 91.

I was pleased with the outcome and the students enjoyed the activity once again. Our grade 2 buddy teacher came to me after and said her class came back so excited and told her all about the poster activity. I plan on doing this activity again around DAY 120.

You continue to hear me using the language: surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning. These terms come from the book, Visible Learning For Mathematics, written by John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey. (Read this post: Procedural Fluency for more on this). Once again, I recommend this as an educational resource to read.

Here are some pictures to show the students work for WANTED 92. I hope you will give it try it with your students.

Your Turn!

Try it with your students

I can’t wait to hear how it goes and for you to ask me any questions that may come up as you work with your students. What numbers are you using? I will be helping anyone interested in extending their learning through videos and webinars in the weeks to come. 

I look forward to hearing how it is going! Leave a comment or question below. 



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